This website has been designed to help you  find solutions to some of the most bothersome and dangerous environmental pests that affect us here in Michigan: Gypsy Moth and Mosquitoes.

Whether your pest problem is small and you need some helpful tips on how to control them yourself or your problem is bigger and you need the help of an experienced professional, Hatfield Spraying Service is here to help.

Hatfield Spraying Service...
  •  uses the most up to date technology and equipment
  •  is licensed in the state of Michigan as well as several other mid-west states
  • participates in Operation SAFE every year
  • and has the most experienced staff (from ground to air) you can find in Michigan!

Give Hatfield Spraying Service a call or                                today!

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Hatfield Spraying Service has been serving the agricultural community in Michigan and the MidWest for over 50 years.  The HSS pilots and office staff are the most experienced team in the state and will assure you get results.

We are here to help you solve your environmental pest problems, call HSS Today!
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